September 2022 Dividends

Greetings everyone, welcome to my September 2022 passive income update.

I can't believe its already the middle of October, the past 6 weeks have really flown by, with the boys back to school, I finally found some time to sit down and write (night shift perk!)  Only one purchase was made in September outside of reinvested dividends, I purchased 6 shares of $SCHD ETF.  This purchase should add approximately $15 USD to by annual dividend income.

Towards the end of the month, two companies announced dividend increases, first Fortis $FTS announced they were increasing their dividend by 6% to $2.26 annually, adding $18.96 in annual income.  The same day, Starbucks $SBUX announced an 8.2% increase to their dividend, bringing it up to $2.12 per year.  This adds a staggering $0.80 USD to my annual income.  One brick at a time!

In September, I received dividends from 13 different companies.  If the dripped shares seem to be in excess of the dividend, it is because I purchased extra shares to use up left over capital from previous dividends received. Here are the results:


  • Pembina Pipeline Corp    $53.34 (1 drip)
  • Cenovus Energy               $124.72 (5 drips)
  • Enbridge                           $123.84 (3 drips)
  • Tourmaline Oil Corp        $86.18 (2 drips)
  • Manulife Financial           $55.44 (3 drips)
TFSA Total - $443.52 (14 drips)

  • Whitecap Resources        $39.23 (4 drips)
  • SmartCentres REIT         $38.23 (1 drip)
  • TransAlta Renewables     $25.30 (0 drips (I forgot to reinvest!))
  • Fortis                                $83.46 (2 drips)
  • Energy Select ETF           $94.78 USD (5 drips)
  • Schwab Dividend ETF     $16.55 USD (0 drips)
RRSP Total - $297.55 (12 drips)

  • Dream Industrial REIT      $14.82 (1 drip)
  • Enbridge                            $61.92 (1 drip)
  • Suncor                                $59.69 (1 drip)
RESP Total - $136.42 (3 drips)

Grand Total - $877.49  This represents a 41.9% year over year increase in dividend income.  For every hour of the month, I received $1.22 per hour.  Little by little this will continue to grow!

Through September, I have been fortunate to collect $8516.02 in dividend income.  This represents an amazing 152.1% increase from the same time last year!

It appears that I am well on the way to meeting my target of $10,000 in dividends collected for the year!  With only 3 months left to go I will leave my target where it is and contemplate a slightly more aggressive target for 2023.  Thank you for taking the time to review my results.  Enjoy the beautiful fall weather!  Till next time.

This blog is a method of recording my personal investment journey and should not be taken as advice.  As always, perform your own due diligence.


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